E-cigarettes are becoming a very popular smoking cessation aid, they work by heating a colourless thin liquid called Propylene Glycol mixed with a thicker liquid Vegetable Glycerine, nicotine and flavourings. This means that with an e-cigarette it is possible to inhale nicotine without most of the harmful effects of smoking.

And, as there is no burning there is no smoke!

Types of E-Cigarette

There are 2 widely used styles of ecigarette on the market at the current time they are recognised as mouth to lung and sub ohm.

Mouth to Lung devices are the most common devices used for smoking cessation, these devices come in all kinds of shapes and sizes however more commonly found as pen shaped devices these run at lower power than the sub ohm devices and puff fairly similar to a traditional combustible cigarette, because of this they can use higher concentrations of nicotine per dosage without being as harsh on the throat.

Sub Ohm devices tend to be slightly bulkier in size compared to the mouth to lung devices, these devices can also be used as effectively to quit smoking however they do produce alot more vapor than the mouth to lung devices which is not always what people are after.

How to Choose your E-Cigarette

 As there are only 2 main types of e-cigarettes making your choice is much easier than you expect, the only really difficult bit is picking your colour! If youre looking for something to quit smoking with and also want your vaping to go relatively unnoticed you will be looking for a mouth to lung device. If you want to quit smoking but want to tell everyone youre doing it by producing huge clouds of pineapple goodness then a good sub ohm kit is the way for you! when picking it is very much a personal preference so never feel like you're wasting anyones time and make sure teh device you pick is right FOR YOU!