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Shortfill E-Liquid

More and more people are making the jump to vaping every day and it’s easy to see why. Vaping is a cheaper, healthier, and more versatile alternative to smoking, there seems to be little reason not to make the switch. For those who want to start vaping without losing the nicotine found in tobacco, shortfill e-liquids are a fantastic option. Find out more about and the benefits that they present for beginner and seasoned vapers alike by clicking read more below.


What Are Shortfill E-Liquids?

Shortfill e-liquids are one of the most versatile ways to vape on the market, offering you more control over the level of nicotine that you add to the liquid. Shortfills are 0% nicotine, so it’s entirely up to you how much nicotine you add into the solution, allowing you to experiment and find the level that best fits your needs.

Our shortfill e-liquids at Time2Vape come in a variety of sizes, including 50ml which presented in a 60ml capacity bottle, and 100ml variations in a 120ml bottle – this allows you to add a nicotine shot to fill up the remaining portion of the bottle for that perfect nicotine concentration, or choose to vape without the nicotine at all and focus solely on the flavour. This greater level of control is hugely popular with vapers as it allows them to find the balance that’s best for them without having to spend huge sums of money on expensive pre-mixed e-liquids that don’t always hit the right spot. This personalised nic- shot and e-juice combination is sure to provide you with a great nicotine fix and great flavour every time.

VG and PG Explained

When you’re looking for e-liquids to use in your vaping device, you’re likely to encounter the terms VG and PG – these phrases are used to describe the combination of solutions that make up your e-liquid, so it’s important to understand what you’re looking at if you want the best vaping experience.

VG, or vegetable glycerin, is a substance that you can find in many household items, but when used in for vaping it offers a thick, fluffy cloud – the kind that you associate with advanced vapers and cloud chasers. You’ll usually find a 70:30 split between VG and PG, but it’s not uncommon to find 60:40 and 80:20 variations too – it’s all down to the level of flavour and sensation that you’re looking for.

Alternatively, PG (propylene glycol) is a better choice for those who are looking to better simulate the experience of a cigarette – there is more of a sensation in the throat and less sweetness, making high-PG e-juice a more suitable choice for those looking less to cloud production and more to experience. If you aren’t familiar with high-PG solutions, use them sensibly; they can sometimes leave beginners feeling dizzy, light-headed, and also offer more of a throat hit, which some may find unpleasant.

Using a shortfill e-liquid will also help you to get the most out of your sub-ohm tankand vape mod devices– our high VG e-liquids are best suited to these devices, as they are able to effectively heat the thicker liquid to give a smoother, more satisfying feeling and cloud. For those of you who are looking for large, fluffy smoke clouds, our high-VG solutions at Time2Vape are a perfect choice; when combined with a powerful sub-ohm device, you’re given fast, intense heating that produces these thick clouds with ease. If you’re comfortable with them, 100% VG e-liquid will be the best option, however, these aren’t for everyone due to the change in sensation and taste.

Alternatively, those who are looking for full flavour and to maintain that throat hit sensation that you commonly find with vaping, you may be best with a higher PG concentration.

Why Would You Use A Shortfill E-Liquid?

There are many reasons to use a shortfill e-liquid for your vape device, but one of the most prominent is the versatility and personalised experience that you’re able to create using these e-juices. Unlike with pre-mixed solutions, you’re able to have greater control over the nicotine concentration, so you can tailor this to your taste and preference. If you aren’t looking for a nicotine hit from your vape, you can choose to leave the nic-shot out of the solution, opting to use just the flavour liquid for a great-tasting vape. On the other hand, those who are missing that throat hit and nicotine rush that a cigarette offers, you’ll be able to geta higher concentration of nicotine in your solution – when you add a 10ml nic-shot to one of our 50ml bottles, you’ll be getting around 3.6% nicotine, or add two shots to a 40ml bottle for a 6% strength solution.

By using these shortfill e-liquids, you’re also able to have a stronger nicotine concentration in your vaping device without having to work around EU laws and guidelines; whilst vendors are only allowed to provide e-liquids with a maximum nicotine concentration of 2% in a 10ml bottle, using a 0% nicotine shortfill with added nic-shot allows you to get a higher nicotine level without breaking any rules.

Using this shortfill solution will also be a far more cost-effective option in the long run for regular vapers, as you won’t have to purchase lots of small, wasteful bottles – instead you’ll be buying larger bottles that last longer.

Time2Vape Shortfill E-Liquids

Here at Time2Vape, we’ve got vaping solutions to suit everyone, from beginners using their first pen to seasoned vapers using more advanced devices. No matter how confident or knowledgable you are on the subject, you’re sure to be able to find a flavour and balance that’s best for you here at Time2Vape. We’ve got e-liquids, shortfills, tanks, coils, and more online and in our stores across East Anglia, so don’t be afraid to have a look around and ask our team if you have any questions. Choose from the best vaping brands and an extensive range of flavours, styles, and nicotine levels to find your perfect vaping setup, with a number of our shortfill e-liquids coming with a free nic-shot included to allow you to find the ideal balance between flavour, cloud, and nicotine hit!

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