Can You Take Vapes on a Plane? - Your 2024 Guide to Travelling with e-cigarettes

Can You Take Vapes on a Plane? - Your 2024 Guide to Travelling with e-cigarettes

Summer is coming and as we’re spending more time scrolling through holidays in the sun, people are asking all the important questions: so, can you fly with your e-cig? 

Read through our blog as we debunk some myths around vaping and air travel.

As with most rules around air travel, they can vary depending on individual airlines and country of departure.

For the most part, passengers are permitted to bring their vapes onboard in their hand-

luggage (provided they take them out their bags to be scanned through airport security!).

Although safe storage can prevent accidental activation, airline guidelines around e-cigarettes and vapes are centred around the risks of fire from lithium-ion batteries.

This is to ensure that in the unlikely event they catch fire mid-flight, airline staff would be aware and able to put it out. 

As such, it’s important to ensure that no battery-powered devices are stored in your checked-in luggage.

E-liquids in your hand luggage must amount to no more than 100mls and be kept in a clear see-through bag.

Please be aware though, vapes and e-liquids are prohibited entirely in some countries. These include:

South America

○ Argentina

○ Brazil

○ Suriname

○ Uruguay

○ Venezuela


○ Brunei

○ Cambodia

○ India

○ Indonesia

○ Philippines

○ Singapore

○ Vietnam


○ Egypt

○ Seychelles

Middle East

○ Jordan

○ Lebanon

○ Oman

○ Saudi Arabia

○ Tajikistan



○ Lithuania

North America

○ Panama

In other countries, the use of vapes is regulated but not totally illegal. These include:


○ Rules can vary from state to state


○ Laws are unclear so be sure to do your research with your travel company before you go

Hong Kong

○ Liquid nicotine is illegal


○ Vaping with nicotine is illegal


○ Liquid nicotine is illegal


○ Illegal to import or sell vaping products but you can use your own

South Africa

○ Vaping with nicotine is illegal


○ Illegal to buy and sell vapes, but you can use your own devices brought with you from the UK

This list may not be exhaustive as rules around vape use are often changing, so please be sure to consult your airline for clarification before you go if you’re unsure. 

Happy vaping and enjoy your holidays!

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