Frequently Asked Questions

Is Vaping Safer Than Smoking?

 Absolutely yes! Scientific Studies have proven vaping is 95% Safer than smoking traditional combustible cigarettes
Link to GOV.UK Study

Should I Use MTL Or DTL

This questions is always very much a personal opinion, Do you want something that smokes like a cigarette instead of puffing out huge plumes of smoke? Then MTL is better for you! Do you want to make huge clouds and get the most flavour out your device? Then DTL is more your thing

What Are The Best Devices To GIve Up Smoking?

When giving up smoking you will generally find you will need a resonably high nicotine dosage, This always plays into the hands of a mouth to lung set up, these puff like cigarettes and you can use much higher nicotine strengths in them to start off curbing your cravings!

What Strength Nicotine Do I Need?

Normally the strength of nicotine is gauged on a few different variables, in shop we tend to take into consideration how many you smoked a day and the strength of cigarettes you were using however i usually go along the lines of

1 - 5 Cigarettes a day Either 0mg or 3mg
6-15 Cigarettes a day 6mg
16 - 25 Cigarettes a day 12mg
And then
26+ Cigarettes a day 18mg

How Long Do Coils Last?

This is one of the biggest minefield questions someone giving advice on vaping has to answer, but an average time is normally easy enough to give, on a mouth to lung set up (depending on usage) you can expect to use a coils once every 3-4 weeks, on sub ohm devices (depending on brand and usage) you can expect to use a coil for anywhere from 1-3 weeks (Very dependant on brand)

Why Are My Coils Burning Out So Quickly?

Again, a question with a few different possibilities, however all of whic are easily checked! Firstly, are you using the correct liquid for your device? MTL devices prefer a thinner pg based mix whilst DTL devices prefer a thicker VG base get these two the wrong way and you could burn your coils, Are you using the right wattage for your coils? if its too high you run the risk of burning your coils, too low and you could flood them and it might leak! Finally what brand of juice are you using? this is normally the answer to this question, juice companies are making liuids sweeter and sweeter now by adding extra sucralose this can have an impact on coil longevity


Do you have any other questions?

If you do either pop into your local store and ask the ever helpful time2vape staff or pop onto our facebook page and send a little message across to us and we will be able to help you out!