Riot Squad Salts

Introducing Riot Squad Salts! Riot Squad was created in 2016 to secure mass disruption, a brand with a poignant notion to STAND UP. BE COUNTED. NEVER BACK DOWN. The boldest award-winning vape flavours contained in our patented bullet bottles. They have a wide variety of vape flavours that are designed to be the best e-cig liquid for you. They can help you quit smoking by using our menthol vape flavours with nicotine. Since 2016 all our vape flavours have been constantly reformulated and bettered meaning they are now proudly available in 57 countries.

Perfect for menthol lovers, the Riot Salts 100% menthol range offers a range of classic flavour instilled with a cool, minty base. This e-liquid is made with a hybrid nicotine formula for fast and satisfying nicotine delivery. 

Riot Squad isn’t an e-juice, it’s a lifestyle.

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