E-Cig Maintenance: 6 Tips for Taking Care of Your Vape

E-Cig Maintenance: 6 Tips for Taking Care of Your Vape

Here at Time2Vape, you can rely on us to sell high-quality projects built to last. 

But, as with anything, better care equals better longevity. 

Follow these simple tips to ensure the best maintenance for your e-cigarette or vape pens.

  1. Keep Your E-Liquid Topped Up

You’ll know you need a top up when your flavour has become dull and you’re producing less vapour. 

  1. And Your Battery!

It’s generally agreed that the best way to prolong battery life in your reusable e-cigs is to ensure you’re not running them totally dead before giving them a recharge. If you’re out and about, it may be helpful to keep a charger on your person.

  1. Change Your Coils Regularly

So, your vape has a burnt taste and is gurgling with each inhale; it’s time to change your coil! If you delay, any remaining e-liquid in your vape will need replacing too.

  1. Avoid Direct Sunlight

It’s a given that heat and electronics do not mix well. In extreme cases, the heat can react with the lithium in your vape’s batteries and cause the whole mechanism to fail (among other potential risks). As such, it’s important to ensure your vape is kept away from direct sunlight.

  1. Store Your Vape Correctly

E-cigs are pretty robust but if you have butter fingers, we’d recommend keeping yours in a case or on a lanyard. Try to keep your tank upright with the airflow closed; this will prevent any juice from leaking or dust and dirt from making its way into your tank.

  1. Keep it Clean!

For the most effective clean, disassemble your e-cig and wipe each component individually. No one likes a sticky mouthpiece!

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