Intermediate Kits

Intermediate Vape Kits

If you’re looking for intermediate vape kits, you’ve most likely been vaping for a little while already, and looking for a new device that gives you more flexibility and power from your vape! There are lots of super beginner-friendly devices, vape pens and e-cigarettes that make it as easy as possible to get started vaping, and they’re perfect for their purpose! However, if you’ve been using one of these for a while you might notice that they are a bit restrictive in the way they work, whether it’s a limited number of power settings, a small range of compatible e-liquid flavours or something else entirely! This is where intermediate vape kits really come into their own! [accordion-item title="Read More..."]

What is Different About Intermediate Vape Kits?

Intermediate vape kits can take lots of different forms, the same way beginner and advanced devices can. Intermediate-level vape kits will generally be lots of vapers’ first experience with a mod vape, sub-ohming or DTL (direct-to-lung) vaping. However, unlike advanced kits, box mods and rebuildables, these devices have been made with less experienced users in mind. They tend to feature simple interfaces, easy-to-fill tanks, ergonomic shapes for comfort and preset modes that you can adapt as you need to!

What E-Liquid to use with an Intermediate Device

The majority of intermediate devices are designed for Direct-t0-Lung style vaping. Whilst you can use any type of e-liquid in an Intermediate Device, most vapers find that Shortfill E-Liquid are best suited, since they have a slightly thicker consistency (complimenting the higher-powered device) and lower nicotine level than some Nicotine Salts or 10ml E-Liquids.

Why Choose an Intermediate Device?

One of the great things about intermediate vape devices is that they are suitable for all kind of vapers! Intermediate vape kits can be used by vapers with a little bit of experience, looking to upgrade from a starter kit, by beginner users wanting to start their vape journey with a device that will last them a long time, or by more advanced vapers looking for a backup vape or a vape they feel comfortable carrying around with you every day. Intermediate vape devices are also more powerful than their starter kit cousins, with most devices having a battery of around 1500mAh upwards, with some reaching up to 3000mAh for great battery life and power. Intermediate vapes also come in lots of different shapes, styles and sizes, so there’s something out there for everyone regardless of your preferences. There are many intermediate devices available in smaller, beginner-friendly vape pen styles, as well as in the more traditional box mod shape, with a narrow mouthpiece and wider battery casing.

Sub-Ohm Vaping and Direct-to-Lung Vaping

Direct-to-lung vaping is an e-cigarette specific style of inhaling - smoking cigarettes doesn’t use this vape style. When using vaping direct-to-lung, you inhale straight to the lungs, without stopping to hold your vapour in the mouth, like you might with a tobacco cigarette. Direct-to-lung (DTL) vaping can help you to create warmer, thicker vapour, and to exhale larger vape clouds, which is why it’s more popular with intermediate and advanced vapers. Most beginner devices will not have DTL vape capabilities or settings, while intermediate devices tend to have options for this kind of vaping. Direct-to-lung is also the vape style used by sub-ohm vapers. Sub-ohm vaping has a lot of science behind it, which is why it’s generally only restricted to more advanced vapers, but many intermediate devices allow you to dip your toes into the world of sub-ohm vaping, through a variety of easy-to-use temperature settings and wattage modes.

Interchangeable Vape Coils

One feature that sets many intermediate kits apart from beginner kits is the fact that lots of intermediate kits come with coils that you can change out. Your vape coil is the part of the device that heats up, heating the e-liquid and creating vapour as it does. The type of coil you choose affects your overall vape experience because of this, with some coils being optimised for mouth-to-lung (MTL) vaping, while others are optimised for DTL vaping. This means that you can try lots of different vaping modes and styles in one kit, making them perfect for the vaper looking to take the next step into the world of vaping.

More Affordable Vape Mods

The sky is the limit when it comes to how much a vape mod can be! Many advanced vape mods used by hobby vapers or vape proscan get very expensive very quickly, which isn’t always feasible for the average vaper. Intermediate devices mean you can easily get lots of the different functionalities you’d expect from a more advanced vape, but without the same hefty price tag. If you’re a more advanced vaper, intermediate devices also give you the opportunity to pick up a vape that still has all of the functionality you’d expect, but that is affordable enough that you can comfortably take it on the go in a bag, pocket or purse when you need to, and leave the high-end vaping technology at home to prolong its lifespan!

Intermediate Vapes and E-Cigarettes

At Time2Vape, we are very proud of the wide selection of intermediate vape devices and e-cigarettes we offer, so you can be confident the right vape for you is somewhere on our online store, or in one of our shops across East Anglia. We’re passionate about making vaping as easy and accessible as possible for ex-smokers and hobby vapers alike! We stock intermediate vapes from leading brands such as Smok and Innokin, to make sure you’re getting a high-quality vape kit that will last you for as long as you need it, without breaking the bank!

Are Intermediate Vapes Suitable for Beginners?

While the description “intermediate vape” might put new and beginner vapers off, they are actually used by lots of first-time vapers who want to invest a little more on their first device, so that they can expand their skills without having to buy a new e-cigarette. The great thing about intermediate vapes is that they offer you increased functionality and power, without being overwhelming or difficult to use. If you’re a new vaper and you want a device that will last you for a longer period of time before you want to upgrade, intermediate e-cigs offer you a great middle-ground, balancing cost and simplicity against features and performance. [/accordion-item]
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