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    About Voopoo PNP Coils

    The VooPoo PNP coils series is by far the most versatile. There are several variants of coils available, each of which delivers a different vaping style. Each coil variation utilises a mesh build that delivers both improved vapour and flavour production.
    Voodoo PNP coils work in these Voopoo devices - Argus GT, Drag S, Drag X, Drag Max, Drag Mini Refresh, Drag 2 Refresh, Navi, Vinci Mod Pod, Vinci R and Vinci X kits.

    The PnP coil features push-fit design, compatible with all respective PnP pods without the need to screw, or unscrew your coil, when installing or removing a coil. This fast and simple method of installation saves time when changing your coil out.

    Available in packs of 5.

    Which coil resistance is for me?

    • 0.3 Ohm VM1 PNP coils work best between 32 - 40W and works best with higher VG e-liquids.
    • 0.45 Ohm VM3 PNP coils work best between 25 - 35W and have been designed for restricted direct to lung vaping and mouth to lung vaping.
    • 0.6 Ohm VM4 PNP coils work best between 20 - 25W, for a mouth to lung vape.
    • 0.23 Ohm VM5 PNP coils work best between 40 - 60W. 
    • 0.15 Ohm VM6 PNP coils work best between 60 - 80W. Ideally used with higher VG liquids for a mouth to lung experience.
    • 0.8ohm coils R1 which is ideal for nic salt based e-liquid. Time2vape recommend the NaCl or Salis range as they have a wide selection of flavours to suit every vaper. Available in 5MG, 10MG & 20MG.
    Always prime coils before use read below to see how;
    • Drip your e-liquid on top of the coil making sure the cotton inside soaks up the liquid, keep driping liquid until holes down the side of the coil become soaked.
    • Refit your coil into the tank and fill with your e-liquid.
    • Leave for at least 5 minutes.
    • Take a few ‘Primer Puffs‘ by drawing on the tank WITHOUT pressing the fire button on your device.
    • If your device has adjustable power start off low and work your way but up to your preferred power.
    Please note all e-liquid brands have different levels of sweetener (sucrose) which can drastically shorten coil life.

    TOP TIP!

    Every now and then you tank might split and gurgle at you when you press the fire button, this means your coil has become ‘flooded’ with e-liquid. This usually happens when your device has sat for a period of time and is still soaking the coil.
    If this occurs, remove your mouthpiece place a tissue over the top of opening and give your tank a good flick down, all the excess juice should find its way out and clear the gurgle and spitting.
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